Do you deliver, set up, dismantle and collect the Castle or other inflatables?
Yes, and it's all included in the price. We may make a small fuel charge for deliveries outside our normal areas.

Which areas do you deliver to?
We deliver to areas within an 8 mile radius of East Renfrewshire/Glasgow free of charge. Area's out with these boundaries may incur a small delivery charge, but please ask.

On what days can I hire a Castle?
Out inflatable’s are available seven days a week, including bank holidays. We are, of course, closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

What if it rains?
All of our castles have shower covers. However if your hire date is very wet and you no longer wish to have the castle, you may cancel on the day before 10am, or one hour before arranged deliver time, whichever is the earliest. We are afraid that if very high winds/stormy weather is forecast, we may have to cancel the hire for safety and insurance reasons. We will, of course, contact you to discuss it further.

When will the castle arrive?
We will call you the night before the hire to finalise arrangements and give you a delivery time. We aim to get all hires delivered and set up before lunchtime at the latest. On busy days we start deliveries from 7am. Castles are collected from 4:30pm onwards for full day hires in summer. From 3:30pm in winter. We do allow later collections times for an additional fee (9pm latest).

Can I keep the castle overnight?
We currently do not do overnight hires for children's castles, as in the past, this has proven that overnight hire = adults using them.

How much is the booking deposit and do I get it back if I cancel?
We do not charge a booking deposit on our inflatable’s. You may cancel at any point giving us as much notice as possible. However, if you cancel within 24 hours of the arranged delivery day / time (other than in bad weather) you will be required to pay the full amount previously agreed.

How late can I leave it to book?
Bookings can get very busy, especially in the summer months so to avoid disappointment, please book as far in advance as possible. However, please contact us even on the day as we may have availability.

What preparations is needed before you arrive?
Please make sure that any hallways, side passages, or any other access or your garden/venue are clear of obstacles etc. We require a 4ft wide access. Ensure that the bouncer site is free of any sharp objects, excessive mud and dog mess. We will need access to an electricity power point within 25m. If the site is unsuitable we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

How much space is needed for a bouncer?
The sizes quoted on this site are outside measurements. You need to allow a minimum space of 6ft at the back and front of the castle and 3ft at each side. This is to allow for access, movement of the castle and the blower (at the rear). There must not be overhanging branches within 1 metre of the castle. If there are, they must be pruned off.

Can you set up a bouncy castle on a slope?
Only very slight slopes are ok. This would also determine the way the bouncer faces. (Opening would have to be up slope.)

Can you set up a bouncy castle indoors?
Yes, we do indoor hires. Some people don't want to take the risk of having to cancel a party due to bad weather, so they generally hire a hall. We can provide a list of local indoor venues suitable for parties for you to choose from. Please ensure that the ceiling height is measured and suitable.

Do you have insurance?
We have full Public Liability Insurance covering £5,000,000 for accidents and injuries caused by equipment failure and improper installation. You, the hirer, are responsible for ensuring proper adult supervision of the castle and the safety of the children using the equipment. You absolve us from any responsibility for accidents and injuries other than those directly caused by faults in our equipment or improper installation. Beware of companies who do not have insurance. You should ask to see a copy of their policy.

Can you provide someone to supervise the castle?
Yes, we can provide supervision of the bouncy castle or inflatable, we charge per hour per person for supervision. Please contact for a quote if this is required.

Do you provide safety instructions?
Yes. We do provide safe operating instructions as part of the Hire Agreement, Which you must read and sign.

What sort of surface do you need for the inflatable?
Inflatable’s situated outdoors need to be setup on a flat grassy area to ensure that the unit can be staked down. It must be clear of sharp objects such as rocks etc, not muddy or covered in dog's mess. You can also have the inflatable on tarmac / Astro Grass and will use sand bags to hold in place. We reserve the right to cancel the booking and not install our equipment on unsuitable ground.

What if I need to cancel?
No problem, just give us a call. However, we would appreciate as much notice as possible. If you cancel on the doorstep or whilst we are en-route, we will have to charge the full amount previously agreed.

How much does the unit cost to run?

An average unit costs approximately 50p to £1 for a day’s use.

Do I need to keep the blower going?
The blower must be kept going constantly while the castle is in use. In the event of high winds or heavy rain occurring, just switch off and let the bouncer deflate.

How long does it take to set up?
An average bouncer takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes to set-up and about 30 minutes to pack away.

Can I rely on you?
Yes. We have kids in our family and wouldn't want them let down and so we won't let yours down. Our reputation is what keeps us in business.

Can I collect the castle?
Sorry, but for insurance and safety purposes, we must deliver and install the bouncer.

How safe is it?

On delivery, your site will be inspected and you will be advised of any potential safety hazards, thus allowing safe bouncing for your children. If the site is inherently unsafe, we reserve the right to cancel and not install the bouncer. You, the hirer, are responsible for ensuring proper adult supervision of the castle and the safety of the children using the equipment. You absolve us of any responsibility for accidents and injuries other than those directly caused by faults in our equipment or improper installation. Safety first!

Why can't adults use the bouncers?
Unfortunately our insurers will not allow anybody over the age of 11 on any of our bouncy castles, which in turn means they are designed and built with that age limit in mind. If we find anybody over that age is or has been using the inflatable we will have to send it off for safety testing, this costs about £80 as well as losses we incur through not being able to hire the inflatable out. The hirer will be held responsible and will be expected to pay for all costs and losses incurred.

Can we move the bouncer?
No, once erected the inflatable must not be moved even if it rains.

How do I pay for a hire?
Payment is by cash, when the inflatable is delivered on the day of hire.